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Dear Parents,


I hope you have all had a great summer. 


We are preparing for our new Autumn Term at the Little Duke and looking forward to seeing our great students back again.

We'll be opening on the 7th of September and running for fifteen weeks, until the 16th of December. In the "Class Times" section of this website, please check our Fee Note for the term where you'll see costs and times of classes. 

This term we'll all be working towards speech and drama exams with displays of exam work at Christmas. We're very excited to begin work using the new syllabus which the Royal Irish Academy have released for the next academic year. 

Staff and students alike had a wonderful experience on our May production of "Starship Odyssey" at the Droícheaad Arts Centre. From Christmas onwards we will start rehearsing our new show—very exciting!


All the best,

Brenda and the Team

The Drogheda School of Performing Arts

Little Duke Theatre
Duke Street, Drogheda, Co Louth
Tel:  0871769361

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